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The medieval Castle of Bran (Shutterstock)

Romania might be best known as the fictional home of bloodthirsty vampires, but its natural landscape is more like something out of a fairytale. The region of Transylvania is not only associated with Dracula’s Bran Castle, but also for its Carpathian Mountains, which form a stunning backdrop for its other fortresses, monasteries and Medieval towns speckled across them.

The capital, Bucharest, has a vibrancy that can be compared to popular European cities such as Budapest and Prague. Visit its iconic sights such as Calea Victoriei (Victory Street) and the Ateneul Român (Romanian Amphitheatre), then relax in its many beautiful green spaces – Cismigiu Park or Parcul Izvor are just a couple.

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There’s plenty to swoon over in this iconic Romanian region. Here are its picturesque Medieval towns that you really can’t miss…
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When to go

July and August might be peak season, but Romania is not as crowded as other European destinations during this time, so it makes a great alternative getaway. Late September and October offer the changing colours of autumn and harvest season, while spring is has pleasant temperatures for a city break.

International airports

International airports: Henri Coanda Airport (OTP) is around 20km outside Bucharest and the main airport in Romania.

Getting around

Romanian public transport is cheap and offers great scenery, but it’s somewhat unreliable. Trains are known to break down and the lack of road infrastructure means taking a bus can take quite some time, especially through the Carthapian mountains. Saying this, the rail route from Bucharest-Brasov is extremely picturesque. If travelling long distance we recommend catching internal flights, but if staying within the cities – these are mostly navigable on foot.

Health & safety

For up-to-date information on health and safety in Romania, check out the Government’s Foreign Travel Advice,