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Covering nearly 10 million sq km, spread across 10 provinces, there’s an abundance of space, wilderness and diversity in Canada to fully immerse yourself in the culture and nature of this great North American nation. Planning the trip of a lifetime by rail or road is an iconic way to experience Canada where you can observe abundant wildlife such as moose, whales and an array of bears. It’s also one of the best places in the world to experience outdoor adventure, including hiking, kayaking, canoeing and mountain biking.

Canada stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and northward into the Arctic Ocean, across 10 provinces and three territories – each with their own unique culture and landscape.

From the historic island of Newfoundland in the east to the cosmopolitan Vancouver Island in the west; from the mountain-bordered wilderness of adventurous British Columbia to the culturally-rich and festival-ready city of Toronto, the hardest part of travel in Canada is deciding where to go. While there, make sure to sample the cosmopolitan feel and gastronomic triumphs of Canada’s cities, learn from the wisdom of Indigenous culture, and soak up the majestic mountain scenery.

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UK citizens can visit Canada for tourism visa-free for up to 6 months if they have Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)
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Ottawa: UTC-5 and UTC-4 from second Sunday of March-first Sunday of November; Newfoundland: UTC-3:30; Atlantic: UTC-4; Eastern: UTC-5 and UTC-4 from second Sunday of March-first Sunday of November; Central: UTC-6; Mountain: UTC-7; Pacific: UTC-8
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When to go to Canada

Canada comes up trumps in every season and its scenery will vary dramatically throughout the year. Although it occasionally snows in summer and you may find blooming tulips in January, each of the four seasons brings their own unique charm to the country.

International airports

Canada has several international airports. Toronto (YTO) is the major hub for international flights; there are direct flights from London Heathrow with Air Canada and from London Gatwick with Air Transat.

Other international airports in Canada include Vancouver (YVR), 15km from the city centre; Halifax (YHZ) in Nova Scotia, 34km from downtown Halifax; Montreal (YUL) in Québec, 19km from downtown Montreal.

Getting around in Canada

Via Rail is Canada’s national rail service, which offers journeys between cities and villages, as well as multi-day sleeper journeys, including spectacular, glass-roofed carriage trips through the Rocky Mountains.

Taxis are readily available in city centres. Long-distance bus companies are prolific and an inexpensive way to travel in Canada. Several consecutive days on a bus remains a rite of passage for travellers and locals alike.

Health & safety

Canada is a safe country with low crime rates. Be aware of petty crime, and if you’re venturing out into Canada’s famed outdoors, be cautious of local wildlife and keep at a distance, particularly in areas known for bears.